vendredi 16 juillet 2021

Windows SystemGuard, the best solution for boosting your Windows 10 operating system.

 Windows SystemGuard is a new solution that works on a services whitelist. It continuously scans for running services and stops those that are not in the whitelist.

It incredibly boosts your Windows 10 performances, as useless services are immediately shutdown as soon as they start in background.

It can be a great solution for gamers but also for anyone who needs to get the maximum of power out of his/her computer.

You can download Windows System Guard at :

You can contact the developer at :

vendredi 28 mai 2021

jeudi 29 avril 2021

Trending cryptocurrencies on Binance (in USDT)

On 29th of April 2021, 8:00pm here are the trending cryptocurrencies to check in 4-hour timeframe on the Binance exchange :


One that is not listed on Binance and that is a "shitcoin" is :

$RFOX (promising shitcoin according to the Ichimoku market reading system).

vendredi 26 mars 2021